United Community Plaza

Spartanburg, SC

Project Description

Equip Studio partnered with United Community Bank to create a new mixed-use development at the corner of E Main and Pine in downtown Spartanburg. Located on a prominent corner, the project serves as the new gateway into downtown Spartanburg from the East side of the city. Along with the new downtown branch of United Community Bank, the project will also consist of restaurant, office, and retail spaces in the future. The inspiration behind its design was to draw from the town’s 1900’s mill and railroad hub history. Accent pieces, such as the light fixtures and railings, were designed in collaboration with The Heirloom Companies to mimic teller stands of the time. With a warm and inviting quality, the lobby’s furniture intent was to create a space that felt as if you were stepping into someone’s home.




Square Footage:

16,500 SF



Image Credits:

Equip Studio