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Concord Baptist Church

Anderson, SC

Project Description

Equip Studio began working with Concord Baptist Church in 2018 to develop a long-term masterplan for their Anderson, SC campus. We were presented with several design problems that required a comprehensive assessment of how the sprawling campus was being utilized which resulted in a multi-staged solution that ultimately sets the stage for a “complete” masterplan for their property.

The design strategy includes the addition of a new 3-story education wing which will consolidate their children’s education spaces into a single, secured area. The building also provides student gathering & discipleship spaces, as well as expanded adult education classrooms. In the center, a new family lobby provides multi-floor check-in areas, an indoor playground, and connection to an exterior courtyard hosting outdoor play spaces for families to access during the week.

A strategically placed main lobby connects the new education wing to the existing sanctuary and becomes a much-needed, prominent point of entry for the entire site. The new lobby will serve as the central hub of weekend activity and double as a large-group gathering space capable of hosting regular churchwide fellowship meals.

In a 2020 follow-up effort, we also produced construction documents for an interior up-fit of the existing sanctuary and front entry. This will include a refresh of the interior finishes, stage expansion, AVL & house lighting upgrades, updated restrooms, and enlarged welcome center.

The overall goal was to design a beautiful, modern addition that signals a forward-thinking ministry mindset, while simultaneously complimenting the beautiful architecture of the existing buildings in appreciation of the church’s rich history.




Square Footage:

63,000 SF



Image Credits:

Equip Studio