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12 Oct 2020

Mason Blackwell

Mason Blackwell Junior Designer Email // masonblackwell@equipstudio.comTwitter // @EquipStudioInstagram // @equip.studio About Mason Blackwell joined the Equip Studio team in October 2020 after graduating from Clemson University with a Master of Architecture degree.  He grew up in the small mill town of Iva in Upstate South Carolina with a population approaching 2,000 (excluding the cows). [...]
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24 Sep 2020

Maggie Fortenberry

Maggie Fortenberry Administrative Assistant Email // maggiefortenberry@equipstudio.comTwitter // @EquipStudioInstagram // @equip.studio About Maggie Fortenberry joined Equip Studio in the Summer of 2019 as our Administrative Assistant. She moved back to the Upstate after attending the University of South Carolina in Columbia and working in contract law and office management. Maggie's professional goal is to facilitate [...]
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21 Sep 2020

Josh Guertin

Josh Guertin Junior Designer Email // joshguertin@equipstudio.comTwitter // @EquipStudioInstagram // @equip.studio About Josh Guertin joined the Equip Studio team in the fall of 2020 after graduating from Clemson University with a Master of Architecture degree. He is passionate about projects that use creative design solutions to express the culture and values of their location. Josh [...]
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03 Aug 2020

Daphne Noegel

Daphne Noegel Junior Designer Email // daphnenoegel@equipstudio.comTwitter // @EquipStudioInstagram // @equip.studio About Daphne Noegel earned her Bachelor of Arts in Architecture degree from Clemson University in the spring of 2020, with a minor in Sustainability. While in school, she gained practical experience through an internship for Gil L. Stewart Architect LLC. After graduation, she joined [...]
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01 May 2020

Kendall Wilbanks

Kendall Wilbanks Junior Designer Email // kendallwilbanks@equipstudio.comTwitter // @EquipStudioInstagram // @equip.studio About Kendall joined the Equip Studio team in May 2020 after completing her undergraduate studies, graduating Magna Cum Laude from Clemson University in December 2019. While attending Clemson, she worked as a teaching assistant in the Digital Design Shop and assisted other students with [...]
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18 Dec 2019

Emily Heezen

Emily Heezen Jr. Project Manager Email // emilyheezen@equipstudio.comTwitter // @EquipStudioInstagram // @em_heezen About Emily joined the Equip Studio team in August 2018 after graduating from Clemson University with a Master of Architecture degree. Emily grew up in the great plains of South Dakota where she attended South Dakota State University. She graduated at the top [...]
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07 Jul 2017

Madison Polk

Madison Polk Jr. Project Manager // Assoc. AIA Email // madisonpolk@equipstudio.comTwitter // @EquipStudioInstagram // @equip.studio About Madison first joined the Equip Studio team as a summer intern in May 2017, after graduating Magna Cum Laude  from Clemson University with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and Minor in Communication. Two years later, Madison completed a [...]
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24 Jan 2017

Alisha Coleman

Alisha Coleman Project Manager // AIA Email // alishacoleman@equipstudio.comTwitter // @EquipStudioInstagram // @equip.studio About Alisha Coleman joined Equip Studio at the beginning of 2017 with nearly a decade of experience in a variety of architectural and interior design projects. Having an educational background in both architecture and interior design has fostered an emphasis on the [...]
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21 Dec 2016

Tanner Sharpe

Tanner Sharpe Associate // Assoc. AIA Email // tannersharpe@equipstudio.comTwitter // @EquipStudioInstagram // @equip.studio About Tanner brings diverse experience to Equip Studio ranging from architectural design to music ministry and songwriting.  Originally from South Carolina, he earned a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Clemson University and began working with a local firm.  His career then took [...]
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21 Dec 2016

Stephen Troutman

Stephen Troutman Project Manager // AIA Email // stephentroutman@equipstudio.comTwitter // @EquipStudioInstagram // @stephentroutman About Stephen joined the Equip Studio team in October 2016, and brings with him prior architectural experience in church design and facility expansion planning.  His favorite part of the design process is building relationships with the client team and developing the best [...]
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